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Here are our 10 reasons why every business needs to have a website.

  1. Level the playing field
    A website allows small to medium size enterprises to compete on the same level as the corporate giants.
  2. Instant credibility
    How often have you checked a businesses website before making a purchase with them. Your potential customers are doing the same with you, and if they don’t find you, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities.
  3. Give your company a voice
    Have you ever wanted to inform your customers of a special promotion, job opportunity or new offering. A website is the perfect way to do this.
  4. Expand your reach
    More than 2.4 billion people use the internet. This is a huge opportunity. You can also reach a global market.
  5. Marketing
    TV and Radio Ads are expensive, and brochures are very time consuming. With a website you can reach thousands of potential customers in a day without even blinking.
  6. Better branding
    By getting a website you will also get customized email addresses which will make your customer communications much more professional.
  7. The perfect portfolio
    A website is the best place to showcase all your work, and what your happy customers are saying about your business.
  8. 24/7/365.25
    You website is promoting your business 24 hours a day. Every single day of the year. Even on leap day!
  9. Leverage
    We define leverage as doing something once, and making it work for you forever. A great website is best ways to create leverage in your marketing efforts. Create your website once and it’ll work for you forever.
  10. Scalability
    If you ran a TV advert and you had 1000 customers call you on the same day you would probably miss most of those calls. But if you directed them to your website and had everyone fill out an enquiry form you can get back to them in your own time.