Your Website Might Be Hurting Your Business

Ask yourself these questions to find out if your website is doing it’s job.

Is Your Site Been Tracked?

Do you know the exact number of people who have seen your website in the last week?

Is Your Site Mobile friendly?

Does your website look great on a mobile phone?

Do You Know Your Sites Stats?

Do you know the exact number of leads / sales that your website generated in the last week?

Is Your Site Up to Date?

Has your website been updated at least once in the last year?

Are You In Control?

Are you able to update your website yourself?

Are customers contacting you?

Do you have a simple way for your customers to contact you from your website?

Did you answer NO to any of these questions?

Your Website is Out of Date!

Looking After Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool!

Maintaining and Updating your website is essential for generating more sales.

Website Redesign Leads to 34% Increase in Revenue


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